This weekend was fun today is st Patricks day I forgot to wear green but I am wearing a little. my brothers friend Caiden got a dog now they have 4 dogs we went over to their house to see the new dog. we did that on Friday i think it was on Friday.caidens new dog is very small.and they have anther dog that is named scooter that dog is vishous scooter bit Caiden on the arm reaaly hard. when Caiden triend to pick the toy up from scooter scooter bit him and I think that scooter is a pit bull they are known for fighting every time we go their scooter is in his cage which is good.when he is in his cage he is barking at us loudly it is could pick the small dog up the one that we went to see did not have a name yet but you could pick it up I got to do that it was fun.they are cool I love there dogs and I love mine to they both are cool.



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