This weekend I got minecraft on the computer it is way better that the xbox one but sometimes I get creepy noises in the music but I only get that when I am in a cave and sometimes out of a cave. I let my nabor come over and play minecraft I do not have to rember my username or anything else.i played outside and found out sense the other dog died I am going to get a new one!!!!!! It is black and white but it lives in Florida and we have to get him from Florida my mom is going to pull us out early on Friday. my mom says she isvery gentle and will not scratch the dog was in the place where if no one had him he would be put down but my grandma lives in Florida and she got him before he got put down so we saved a dogs life it was awsome.i love dogs it is a he the dog is a boy.the dog is black and white I love black and white dogs they are amazing my mom has pictures on her phone of the dog I can not wait to se the dog.i hope that it will catch whatever I throw and I hope that my dog that we have beside the dog that we already have we are going to have two dogs the one that we have now is named max.and I hope max will try to catch whatever I throw and the two dogs will both chase after the thing that I throw.i love dogs I took the dog that we have now I took him on a Leash



Karen George
02/24/2014 8:02am

Look at Max!!! He is a good boy. I can't wait to get our new dog this weekend. I think he will be a good boy too. I am so glad he will have a life with us:) I love you Jack!


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