On my weekend I watched the Super Bowl but I did not see it to the end I played on my iPod it was fun I watched tv to.i played on my moms computer I asked my mom if someone could sleep over but she said no.but I had fun by myself.the Seahawks and the broncos were in the Super Bowl.i had a great weekend.i wonder who won the Super Bowl.the Super Bowl is at the end of the football seson teams try to win the football chpion ship my dad was watching the Super Bowl.my dad wated the broncos to win so did I want the broncos to win I hope that the broncos won the Super Bowl if they did that is awsome but if the Seahawks won that's ok there is always next year but I wonder if they are even going to be in the Super Bowl prabuly not someone else will prablaly not be in the Super Bowl.the Seahawks were from Seattle.



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