I am going to tell you about mister poppers penguins. First the main Characters were Janie bill the 12 penguins and mr and mrs popper. First the poppers did not have the penguins then a package came from admiral drake and a penguin came. The poppers named the penguin captain cook and they found Greta from the zoo they had 10 baby's.And then mr popper got a lot of money from the puguins act on the stage.They went all around the world doing the act they got 5000 dollars a week.Then mr popper got arrested from going to the wrong place to act.Then he got bailed out by mrs poppers then they got a choice from admiral drake from Antarctic then he got a choice of letting the penguins go to Antarctic or Hollywood. he chose Antarctic then they had a boat to go to Antarctic then mr popper was crying then admiral drake asked mr popper if he was going to Antarctic with the penguins. he said yes that is the end of the book it is a great book you should get it.



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