This weekend I went half way to Florida when we got there my grandma was their she lives in Florida the dog is black and white but mostly black it is half lab and half pit bull in think.when we got home it was dark outside but the next day was another weekend.i played outside with my dog almost the hole day I played with him half of the day.the rest I did other stuff.the dogs name is other dog max does not really like each other when we got them but now they do when they didn't when my mom looked out the window and there're they were fighting my mom pulled them a part and put max on the other side of the gate and max got out but we got max before he ran away when we saw max he had a little blood on his ear my mom said that dusty could have killed max but he didn't becase my mom pulled them apart now they like each other so much but we don't like them being around each other some times they bark at each other.



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