Winn Dixie

The book is called because of Winn Dixie it is also a movie india opal.s dad told her to go to pick it quick mart when she got to pick it quick she saw a dog the manager was going to call the pound she said it was her dog but it was not she had to think of a name fast sense the store was called Winn Dixie she said the dogs name was Winn Dixie the dog came running to her she took the dog to her house she told her dad if she could keep the dog first he said no then he said yes but Opal had to take good care of Winn Dixie Opal was so happy the next day there naver came out he did not like the dog he told India Opal.s dad to call the pound he did call the pound then they came and India Opal begged his dad not to make Winn Dixie go to the pound them he said they have the wrong dog and Winn Dixie came rushing out of the cage then the next day she went to the library she told Winn Dixie to sit down then she went into the library she saw the sleeping libarary an her name was miss frany block then when she saw Winn Dixie she thout it was a bear that is all I am going to tell you about the book if you want to here the rest of it buy the book it is a realey good book.

By Jack



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