Today we skyped with Marcie and David.there were pictures and stuff that we got to see.they live on a boat when we saw them they were in of the pictures was a picture of them seeing dolphins and kangaroos I wish I got to see the dolphins and the kangaroos.there boat rocks back and forth all of the time.they do that because of the waves.when a storm comes they either steer away from it or they put special sailed up so they will not get hurt.i had. Realy good time skypeing with them I liked doing that so much I hope that we do that again.



Marcie & David Lynn
05/02/2014 7:37pm

Hi Jack ... what a great blog you have. We're so glad that you enjoyed learning about Nine of Cups. After all these years aboard, we still get all excited about seeing dolphins and other animals in the wild. Glad you like that, too. We're hoping to do another Skype time soon ... all about animals! Keep up the good work on your blog.


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