On my weekend we were going to wash the boat then go on it then my mom and my grandma went to the store to get my a new phone and it took to long.

she just bought the one she had before but sometimes when she had the phone it would keep taking pictures. so she has this one now it won't take random pictures.it is almost summer vacation and I can't wait.i don't know what we're going to do on summer vacation.


On my weekend I went over to my brothers friends house my brother went to we slept over there.i went to the strawberry festival on Saturday.i had fun at the strawberry festival bought some freshly picked strawberries then we went home.my favorite part about my weekend was going home.i had a really great weekend I love weekends.i always have really great weekends.summer break is coming I can't wait!


Today we skyped with Marcie and David.there were pictures and stuff that we got to see.they live on a boat when we saw them they were in Australia.one of the pictures was a picture of them seeing dolphins and kangaroos I wish I got to see the dolphins and the kangaroos.there boat rocks back and forth all of the time.they do that because of the waves.when a storm comes they either steer away from it or they put special sailed up so they will not get hurt.i had. Realy good time skypeing with them I liked doing that so much I hope that we do that again.


In this picshurs I see poop and I see caterpillars in their larva stage their are four stages than a caterpillar has to go throug right now our estimate for how long they are is 1cm but they will gt much bigger


At the special olipoics I had fun we did Groups we the pepole I think that they had fun to everyone at finley road had a shirt that had our mascot on there were other pepole from other schools they did not have there mascot probably because they do not have a mascot and our mascots name is finley we don't no who is in the costume after we went around and did the stuff in the centers and after that we got bags of lunch with food in them and we got soda after we finshed our lunch we played on the rocks we mostly played the one that was huge we got to slide down the big rock it was fun and then we got on our bus that had to bring us there and then we came back to the school and our partners name for the Olympics was jalin but there was other pepole we cheerd every one on and we did it to every one we had fun we loved it


Bartering is something you can trade for something else.sometimes you can trade with money or something else.sometimes you can trade something for someone's whole entire bag or something else.


On my weekend me and my dad went to the movies. before we went there I went to Riley's birthday party.we did not go to church I think we shouldn't go there anymore because when we do I do not like it.i wish my dad did not have to go out on the airplane for work so much but sometimes he will bring stuff back from the places he had to somewhere for six weeks he is still doing the six weeks but he has three weeks left by the way when on the church part then went to my dad we went totally out of topic then but we're not right now.ok I don't have much to talk about so now what umm uh ok we're stoping.